Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our First Anniversary, Still The Same Moto In Which Bringing You A Step Closer To Technology

Well as we said at our facebook page its is our first anniversary today. This year has been pretty much a very successful year for the page. Additionally in this 365 days we have over 350,000 views with a total post count of 1176 as of today. If i had a single word which i can describe the experience this year is "unforgettable", this page made me to continue realizing our moto which i formed about a year ago which is, bringing you a step closer to technology. One thing which is would like to say sorry about is the lack of computer hardware news. It seemed that somehow i drifted away to only providing phone news after a few months in. But rest assure we will resume posting hardware news by Autumn this year, we also have some other plans for hardware news so stay tuned. Finally in commemoration to this spectacular day, i would like to briefly tell you guys about how i formed this page. So it was a gloomy friday afternoon, the skies were dark as if it was going to rain. I was doing my usual rounds looking at computer hardware news, then some light shed on me and i thought why dont i start a blog and share it to the world. Thats a brief look on what inspired me to doing this. As i always say if you don't have passion in something you can't be successful in it. Today we will do a bit rest and take the day off for a while but tomorrow we will continue posting things. Also join our all new facebook page which is off to a good start up, so what are you waiting for like the page for new, breaking, daily questions and instant tech news. Below here is an updated guide to navigating our page, hope you have a good day 
Nostalgic Memories
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