Friday, May 18, 2012

Intel DZ77RE-75K with Thunderbolt Support

Intel is set to release their top of the line Z77 motherboard, the DZ77RE-75K. This motherboard from intel will support thunderbolt I/O which can handle up to 10Gb/s transfer speeds. This motherboard resembles its little brother the DZ77GA-70K, which the only difference between the both of them are the presence of thunderbolt on the 75K.  The thunderbolt I/O is powered by the DSL3310 Thunderbolt controller in tandem with Intel FDI. The DSL3310 unfortunately, is a slim variant in Intel's Thunderbolt controller lineup, which only takes advantage of PCI-Express gen 2.0 x2, so Thunderbolt might not perform to its fullest. This board is ready for launch early next week.

Source: Techpowerup via Vr-Zone and Techpowerup Forums
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