Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nvidia Geforce GTX 670

Today is launch day for the GTX 670. This time around non reference cards came out on launch day. some examples are from palit, asus, zotac, and galaxy. one of the things which stand out is that Techpowerup (a very well known tech site/ reviewer) has reviewed the Asus Geforce GTX 670 Direct CU II and gave it a perfect score of 10 !!! In the Pro's and Cons part of the review they said that this card is faster than the GTX 670. Alright back to business, the GTX 670 like the GTX 680 has the GK 104. the both cards have 1344 cuda cores, this is different to the 1536 cuda cores the GTX 680 has because one of the SMX has been disabled, the core clock in the other hand 915MHz with a boost clock of 980MHz. Other than that it has a 6.00 GHz memory clock resulting in a 192 GBs memory bandwith, a 2GB memory buffer which is 256-bit wide, it has 32 ROPs and two SLI fingers for a 4-way SLI configuration. Unlike the GTX 680 the GTX 670 draws power from dual 6-pin power connectors for a TDP of 170W. For the Rear I/O it feature two dual-link DVI a HDMI 1.4 capable of 3D and a full lenght display port. This card out of the box also supports 3D Vision surround on 3 monitors an one auxiliary monitor. Nvidia suggests the retail price for this card is $399 but may vary due to different regions and different partners. Here are some benchmarks which is on the Nvidia site:

Source: Techpowerup, GeekyGadgets, Nvidia, Nvidia Images
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