Saturday, May 19, 2012

Phone Tech Update [Ep 1]

Starting from this week, we will be doing a phone tech update which will be basically updates about the phone industry in its ups and downs. This will be a weekly episode, but if there is some major events like WWDC or Computex this series will be halted. 
The first in the line of news is that, Samsung has announced that it has received 9 million and counting pre-orders for their next generation of Galaxy S smartphone the Galaxy S III. This is a very impressive achievements and can wrap up to become the best selling android phone in the world. The Galaxy S II in the other hand took about 10 months to reach 20 million sales. This might just beat Apple's record for most iphone sales in one quarter (43 million). Again this is still pre-orders and the price of the Galaxy S III is quite expensive being a $800 phone. These figures are all pre orders from carriers and not sales figures (from the report from the Korea Economic Daily). Only time will tell, who knows maybe after launch the sale drops or increases, we will keep you updated on that topic as the time comes.
The next story is kind of mind blowing. Microsoft reports that windows phone china market share is now 7% of china's smartphone market and the thing is that it beats the iphone market share by 1%. If this story is true windows is growing at a very rapid rate, because windows phone has just landed in china about two months ago. Windows Phone is not only growing in china but are also growing in some key markets like Russia. However the sources maybe misinterpreted by meaning the whole china market as one single carrier. 
The last and formost story of the week is this video which shows the lumia 900 being used as a hammer. In the first part of the video the man hammered a nail on the screen which results to no scratches whatsoever. After that the man fells that it is not enough and uses it as a hammer. Impressively the phone stays intact,with this said this phone might be the world's most toughest phone. It is noted that the lumia 900 has a Gorilla glass panel which allows for a scratch proof surface.Please do not try this at home as it will not only cause damage but will void your warranty.

Source: Gsmarena, Gsmarena, Phonearena
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