Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yahoo Axis

Yahoo has just released its first browser/search engine. This is a software which is available on windows and IOS currently. On the desktop side yahoo axis is located below of your browser provided you install the plugin which is available for internet explorer, mozilla firefox, safari and google chrome. Within using this app on the ipad for almost 2 hours i feel that it is a very good product and have some room for improvements. The plugin on both desktop or ios device is pretty simple to use, it is basically a hybrid search which gives you some recommendations as you type as well as some visual looks of the sites. 
As you can see from the image yahoo axis gives you  the trending articles
Yahoo axis gives you a visual look to the pages, you can also scroll to the right to see more You can always hide the search menu by sliding it up, and to reveal the search bar simply slide the menu bar down
As you can see browsing on the yahoo axis looks pretty sleek
Going back to the desktop plugin you can virtually search some info about something on yahoo axis without even leaving the website you are browsing. This may just be the thing which gives yahoo back its former success, only time will tell. But to my perspective this is going to be a very successful product. to learn more head on to the yahoo axis page.

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