Monday, May 7, 2012

RIM's Blackberry advertising

as you know there is a website called, for the past few days there was a countdown clock on the site. so what happens when the clock goes to 0. if you go to the site now you will be redirected to the website is basically an advertisement for Blackberry. when you enter the site your screen is gushed with black paint and the word WAKE UP appears and these words appear while being narrated by a man with footsteps as background music:

wake up 

it's time to mean business.
now before you go looking for your suit an briefcase,
we're not talking about that kind of business.

Business is no longer just a suit-wearing,
cubicle-sitting, card-carrying kind of pursuit.

These days being 'in business'
means you're the kind of person
who takes action and makes things happen.

You don't just think different...
you do different.

it's a simple choice: 

you're either her to leave your mark
and eat opportunity for breakfast


you're satisfied to just float through life
like a cork in the stream.

Now, we know some people will choose 
to float on by and that's fine

Being in business is not for everyone,

but unfortunately...there is no middle ground.
you're either in business or you're not.

for those of us with our eyes wide open,
we need to realise there's only one device
for people who mean business...
the brand that's been in business 
from the very beginning

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