Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 Yesterday we showed you the GTX 670's exterior today we have some pictures for you. The GTX 670 will be NVIDIA's third SKU based on the GK104, and will be positioned to compete with AMD Radeon HD 7950. The card pictured below is nearly identical to a Leadtek-branded one that was pictured last week, which leads us to believe that this could very well be NVIDIA reference design, with just MSI's sticker on. From the placement of the power connectors we can know that this is using a different PCB compared to the GTX 680. The card packs 1344 CUDA cores, 112 TMUs, 32 ROPs, a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface holding 2 GB of memory, and clock-speeds of 900 MHz (core base), 1250 MHz actual or 5.00 GHz effective GDDR5 memory. It is predicted that future non-reference designs could come in much shorter PCBs thanks to rather slim VRM requirements, and just 8 memory chips, the GPU package isn't too big, either. Display outputs include two dual link DVI, and a HDMI as well as a DisplayPort. The ability to set up 3D Vision Surround from one card could stay in this card. Lastly, the box mentions "OC Edition", and so the card could come with out of the box overclocked speeds. 
The Dual 6 in power connectors 
The Rear I/O. From left: Display Port, HDMI and Dual Link DVI

Source: Techpowerup
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