Friday, May 11, 2012

Nokia 808 Pureview-The Earth From Above

So far to date Nokia is gaining some momentum on their lumia devices but symbian is beginning to lose some ground. This one device may just be the device which will save nokia and gain back their reign on the mobile market. This product is called the 808 pureview, this technology utilises a 41 megapixel sensor which is capable of zooming 3X without any problem. This phone is set to be released in mexico very soon. This smartphone packs a very big image sensor, when i say big it means 3X bigger than an average smartphone camera sensor. This few days Nokia has been uploading some videos to their youtube page. However, they uploaded a video today, where a few people released a weather balloon with the 808 purview hanging on it and they captured an  image of the earth from above (Image above). Enjoy the video below, this video is a marketing scheme but it shows the majestic earth taken on a 808 pureview. Make sure to watch it on fullscreen mode for better viewing.

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