Monday, May 28, 2012

What Happens When The Galaxy S III Drops Face Down

As many of you know the galaxy s iii is using corning's gorilla glass 2. The only difference between gorilla glass 2 and its predecessor is that gorilla glass 2 is 20% thinner, with the same strenght. Gorilla glass have been used in many products such as the asus transformer prime, hp spectre and many more smart devices. Somebody sent a tip to Phonearena saying that the gorilla glass in the samsung galaxy s iii is not that tough. It seems that the owner of the phone learned the hard way that gorilla glass is no indestructible. The smartphone fell out of his pocket face-down and this resulted the screen on the galaxy s iii to crack. So the lesson taught here is you must  take good care of your phone even if it has scratch-resistant display or you might have to suffer the same fate as this owner who now has to spend $350 on repair fees in order to get the broken display fixed.

Source: Phonearena
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