Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Next Gen Iphone photo Leaked

9to5Mac have received a few hi-resolution photos of the back of the next gen iphone.The picture above shows the two colored iphone side by side. On the back of the next gen iphone there are two colors; the upper and lower part are darker colors whereas the middle part is where the lighter colors are. From the picture above the body of the phone seems to be molded with the back of the phone. These could just be apple's way of the unibody enclosure. The unibody enclosure poses a function to be thinner and lighter, yet being stronger devices. Again from the picture we can clearly see that the rumored mini dock connector is present and situated below the phone is the microphone jack; as you can see the speakers have been redesigned and have a flat bottom. The camera in the other hand looks like it is in the same position but next to it there is a microphone; the LED flash has also been moved a bit. 
This next picture shows us the inside and front panel of the next gen iphone. As you can see the front panel matches the one we saw earlier but the only thing different is that the front facing camera is situated above the earpiece. One thing is missing is the edge-to-edge technology which is something like a super slim bezel. Finally micro sim technology is still present.

Source: 9to5Mac
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