Wednesday, May 23, 2012

World's Lightest notebook to be unveiled by Gigabyte on 31st of May

Gigabyte is going to unveil the world's lightest notebook in the world one week from now which is the 31st of May in Taipei. Although this laptop is unveiled about one week before Computex, this notebook might just featured on their keynote in computex or even their booth. The main details of this notebook is it being light, the description states that they are using the 6th element of the periodic table which is carbon. This gives us a hint that maybe the notebook will feature a carbon fiber shell like the base of the XPS 13 ultabook. This notebook is named X11 which points to an 11 inch screen. The weird thing is that gigabyte did not call this an ultrabook. There are many reasons why this cannot be classified as an ultrabook, for example this notebook might not have the specific processors and may not have reached the dimensions of an ultrabook. This notebook might just pack an AMD cpu since there is no ultrabook branding. We will be updating as the day comes 

Source: Techspot 
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