Sunday, December 16, 2012

Analysts Say Its Game Over For The iPhone 5

This year has been a pretty rough year for Apple because it is the first year that Steve Jobs is not in the office following his passing late last year. At the start Apple was at a pretty good status with stocks going up and a vision of being the world's first trillion dollar company. Apple also stood up and became the 2nd most valuable company behind Coca Cola. However, nearing the end of the year problems start coming and shareholders are starting to downgrade Apple share and some even lose confidence in Apple. Currently their stocks are at $509.79 per share and is down about $200 from their all time high value of 701.1 which was achieved back in September. Well with shareholders losing trust in Apple an analyst by the name of Jeff Pu, who works for the Taipei-based Fubon Financial Holdings Co, told clients that "the most important message is iPhone 5 is game over" because demand seem too be weaker than expected. There are quite some stories by analysts and here a few of their comments, also if you want to read the full report click here:
"Apple is still a very popular product but it’s not breaking massive records like it would have two years ago. Apple is losing its luster. It’s not the prestige status symbol it once was, and it’s not the market leader any more for high-end smart phones."-Shaun Rein, managing director,China Market Research Group 
Apple "is losing some steam as it’s no longer leading the innovation and the competition is closing in quickly and sometimes are ahead of Apple in hardware specs. We’ve observed some serial iPhone users, people that have used several iPhone models, start switching to Android devices, indicating the company is losing some of its loyal users."Sandy Shen, Gartner
Source: Phonearena 
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