Friday, December 14, 2012

December 21 End Of The World ? I Don't Think So

Today is December 14 2012 and it is about a week before the every so dramatic December 21st which many people believe is the end of the world. This came up around the year 2008 and within a year on 2009 there was already a movie about it and the movie was pretty popular and a bit science fiction. There are many reasons why people believed that December 21st is the end of the world, one reason is that the Mayan calendar is one of the oldest calendars which is projected to the future happenings and just so coincidentally 2012 is the last year on their calendar. But this was shunned down earlier this year as another mayan calendar continuing the existing one was found and projected the earth's lifespan longer. So what will happen next friday we have just got to wait and see. With that, Nasa has released a video about the 2012 phenomenon and they are pretty confident that the world is not going to end next friday. They also backed up their words by saying that there are no hazards coming for earth in the near future. We will do a reply article on this matter next week on December 22.
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