Monday, December 10, 2012

The Mystery Of The Sliding Lumia 920, Obeying The Laws Of Physics

The world is full of weird things and here is a story which multiple users of a Lumia 920 has reported. The users say that their phone is sliding away and off the table when it was laid flat face down on some surfaces. That sliding movements then result into the phone dropping down on the floor. This problem is also being faced by Nexus 4 and Optimus G users which they place their phone on the table and the phone slips down because the back of both of the devices are glass. Now a user by the name Cheyenne Price has tested this by putting his phone face down on top of his dell laptop. He videoed the phone slowly moving towards the edge of the laptop and ready to fall face down. Here is a logical explanation by a forum member by the name of mparker about this mystery. 
This is simple physics. In your video (thanks for posting the link btw) the phone is face down, on a laptop. The screen on the L900 is a low-friction surface, and the plastic on those dells is also a low-friction plastic. This means that absent some mechanical restraint, the phone will slide at fairly low angles. Between the foundation, table, and laptop there's enough tolerance stacking going on that the top of that Dell is likely to be significantly tilted. Have you put a level on it to verify that it's as flat as you think?
Here's another experiment for you: Put an ice cube on top of the Dell. See if it slides off on its own as it starts to melt. It's the same principle.
Source: Phonearena 
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