Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lumia 620 Vs HTC 8S, The Race Towards More Budget Friendly Windows Phone 8 Devices

Earlier today Nokia's head of design Marko Ahtisaari unveiled the Lumia 620 at LeWeb in Paris. Additionally, the Lumia 620 is also touted the most affordable Windows Phone 8 device. So today i am going to do a specs comparison between the Lumia 620 and the HTC 8S. It is noted that most of the core hardware specifications on both of the devices are very identical. 
First up i lets talk about the background info for both of the devices. The HTC 8S was announced back in September alongside the HTC 8X. Currently the 8S is not available in the US but the 8X is available through AT&T and Verizon. The 8S itself brought a whole new perspective of colors to phone bearing the two toned color designs and there is a total of 4 different color combinations available. At the time of launch the 8S was the most affordable WP8 device and also the most low speced one. One of the key selling points of the 8S is the beats audio sound system and the dual tone color design. 
Ok lets move on the Lumia 620, it was unveiled just today and to be frank it just came out of nowhere because previously there was no speculation or rumor about this device. When i first saw the press release images of the Lumia 620 i was intrigued by the color of the featured Lumia 620 color which is the lime green one. At first i thought it was green then i saw there was like some yellow accents in the front then i came in to the conclusion that it was a design perspective. Then soon after that i watch the unveiling video and found out that cyan and yellow is combined using a opaque and translucent coating method to get the mystical greenish yellow color. Overall the Lumia 620 is the best looking phone i have ever seen before. 
After looking at their backgrounds lets move on by comparing the specs of both of the devices. The Lumia 620 has a smaller screen of 3.8" compared to the 8S's 4" but that doesn't cause much damage because both of them have a WVGA resolution which results in the Lumis 620 having a higher PPI. The Lumia 620 is however a tad bit thicker and heavier than its bigger screened cousin the 8S. The next clear difference between them is the amount of internal storage; the Lumia 620 has double the amount of storage the 8S has; additionally both of them has support for microSD card slots in which the 620 can take up to 64GB cards whereas the 8S can only take up to 32GB cards. Another major difference is that the 620 has NFC and a front facing VGA camera whereas the 8S is left without NFC and a front facing camera. Finally the 8S has a bigger batter than the 620 and that could be an advantage. 
Overall both of the devices feature the same 1GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor with 512MB of RAM. Both devices also feature 5MP cameras as well as many color options. You can look at the spec sheet below courtesy of GSMArena where the specs of both of the devices are compared side by side. Oh yea before i forget the HTC 8S is priced at $360 and the Lumia 620 is priced at $249. That is about a $100 difference in which both of the devices have very similar hardware specifications. In end i would give the Lumia 620 the edge over the HTC 8S and recommend the 620 to anyone anytime of the day because if you buy the Lumia 620 you will also gain access to a bevy of Nokia exclusive apps like city lens, nokia maps, nokia drive, etc. 
[Image Credit: GSMArena]
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