Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Apple Stocks Soar Whereas Nokia Stocks Rise, Trillion Dollar Company Not

Not a few months back ago Apple was on its way to becoming the world's first trillion dollar company and soon after that their stock slowly went down. Yesterday was pretty much a nightmare for Apple share holders because Apple lost 35 billion in value. Nokia in the other hand had quite a good day in the share market as their stocks went up by 12% and they have hit a 6 month high. There are a few reasons behind this increase, on reason is the AT&T mobility chief said that the Lumia sales are doing pretty well. Another reason is that the recently announced Lumia 620 really pleased the share holders because of its super low price. Also yesterday Nokia also announced that the Lumia 920T will come to china's largest carrier and thus giving 700 million users a chance to grab the device. The iPhone 5 in the other hand is still landing in China this month but will only be available in China Unicorn and China Telecom. It seems that Nokia got a deal with China Mobile but Apple failed to do so.

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