Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nvidia Tegra 4 Chip Will Sport A 72 Core GPU

Next year flagship devices will be using processor with the new cortex A15 architecture and one of the processors will be the Tegra 4. The Tegra 4 according to a leaked slide will be a 4+1 core CPU like the Tegra 3 but this time around its using the 28nm manufacturing process. The leaked slide also reveals that the Tegra 4 will pack a 72 core GPU and that is about 6 times more amount of GPU cores than its predecessor. Additionally the chip will also support 2560X1440 encoding, it also can support up to 4K by 2K displays. This chip will most probably be unveiled at CES or MWC early next year so stay tuned. 

Source: Phonearena 
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