Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nokia Head Of Imaging Hinting At New Pureview Technology Coming Later This Year

The pureview camera technology by Nokia has been one of things which helped nokia a lot besides their mapping solution. Last year at MWC 2013 nokia pulled a fast card and announced the 808 pureview which till now is still the best camera built into a smartphone. Soon after that people were expecting Nokia to come out with a Lumia phone with the pureview camera technology and they did just that with the introduction of the Lumia 920. Currently we are expecting to see something new in the pureview side of the story being announced at MWC. Since the 808 Pureview was the very last symbian device by Nokia then this new pureview device is sure to be running microsoft's WP8. Late this week, Juha Alakarhu, one of the people behind the pureview technology talked extensively about the pureview technology. He did not reveal much about what can we expect in the forseen future, but he did say that very cool stuff from the talented pureview team will come later this year
Consumers are amazed by the results they’re seeing from Nokia Lumia 920 in these conditions, and we have so many ideas for how to improve in this area...I think it’s important to underscore that PureView doesn’t mean any specific technology. It’s the latest and greatest in imaging. When you buy a Nokia phone with PureView, you are getting our highest quality imaging innovation... it’s basically about problem solving. Nokia 808 PureView solved the problem of zooming and sharpness, and for Nokia Lumia 920, it was low light.Imaging is extremely subjective, and you can always make something better. We’re really driving innovation in key areas to deepen and enrich the imaging experience. I can’t tell you about the specific things we’re working on. Safe to say it’s very cool.We’re looking at imaging holistically, from optics to display, and working on all of those to improve. It’s very complicated, and the trick is to make all these building blocks work well together. But it’s not just purely hardware innovation. You need to get the software to work as well. That’s the real beauty — that’s what makes a truly amazing solution.I’m really proud, we have a damn good team. Hardware doesn’t work without very good software, and there’s no software that can fix bad hardware. Asked if there’s one major problem he would like to solve in the years ahead, Juha takes his time before answering. I’d love to make it super easy to get great photos every single time,” he tells us. “You should be able to give your phone to a 3-year old and still capture amazing photos, like with a big DSLR camera.People are working on exciting technologies that can capture so much more. Huge innovations are happening right now. We’re looking at imaging from so many different angles.
Source: Phonearena, (2)
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