Thursday, January 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV To Feature Wireless Charging Compatible With The Qi Standard, Accessories And Backplates Sold Separately

Here is a Galaxy S IV rumor which is highly plausible,DDaily a korean news portal says that the S IV will feature a wireless charging feature. Well where have we heard that before, Yeas Samsung said something like that at the S III launch event. If you have been hear long enough then you would have known that i talked about this in quite a few articles and i was pretty pumped up about Q3 last year as i was expecting to see the wireless charging upgrade kit for the S3 but it did not turn out. But that did not stop other companies to create backplates for it, after all the pins for wireless charging are there all you need to do is slap in a new backplate. That is the same for the Note II which also has the pin points for wireless charging. Well enough ranting about this. Apparently the S IV will come with an optional wireless charging kit which is compatible with the Qi standard. Additionally the report also revealed that Samsung was considering to use an alternative technology to transmit power wirelessly, the one based on resonant magnetic coupling which allows charging from a distance of 1-2 metres. This technology is there at the Samsung labs but they are not likely to commercialize the system.

Source: Android Authority
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