Monday, January 21, 2013

Blackberry Z10 Vs iPhone 5, Another Video Leak

Next week RIM is going to pull the wraps off BB10 and they are set to announce 2 devices alongside the launch of the new platform. In this few weeks coming up to the launch the Z10 is the most leaked device which led up to this comparison video against the iPhone 5. To recap the Z10 has a 4.2" screen with a 720P resolution which translates into a 356PPI, an 1800mAh battery is also present. In this comparison video they compare siri vs the all new BB voice, the result is that siri got smoked. Again in the next round the BB10 browser smoked the one in the iPhone 5. Watch the video below to find out more, stay tuned for our coverage of the launch next week. 
Source: GSMArena Blog
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