Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Envisioning A 4.8" iPhone With This Concept Video

Last year with the launch of the iPhone 5 Apple finally increased the size of the display. The iPhone 5 is basically not much different in terms of screen real estate from its predecessors, it is just a little bit taller. With the overall success of the larger display on the iPhone the next thing to do is increase it just by a bit to get into peoples mind because currently large screened phones are pretty popular. The 4" screen android and windows phones are actually meant for mid range phones with high end phones having screen sizes from 4.3" all the way to 5"+. Well here is a rumor which is plausible but we will not see it this year, it is the 4.8" iPhone which now has 6 rows of apps and is slightly wider. 
Source: Phonearena
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