Friday, January 25, 2013

Introducing The HTC Mini, HTC's Solution To Big Phones

The mobile industry is continuing to grow and last year the average size for a flagship smartphone has yet gone up. Also with the introduction of the Galaxy Note line by Samsung they are also challenging other manufacturers to create bigger device. But one problem is still not solved which is people with small hands cant quite seem to hold big phones. Never fear cause HTC has got you covered (in china), they have apparently gone full on and created a companion device which will be bundled with the HTC Butterfly in china. The device is called the HTC mini and has NFC/bluetooth connectivity to perform such tasks. It basically is your second phone and connects through NFC. It can do things like take calls, view notifications, help take photos and many more. Additionally it can also be a remote control for your TV. One pretty nifty feature is the phone locator which will help you find your full size big phone by ringing it. This is really a very wild idea of HTC but overall it seems pretty well thought of , we'll just have to see how this goes. Who knows this could be a start of a popular trend. 
Source: TheVerge 
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