Sunday, January 20, 2013

Like Our All New Facebook Page [Announcement]

Last June we officially launched our facebook page where we will give some first hands tech news. Soon after that we launched both the Google+ and Twitter page and in the coming months we will also launch an official instagram page so you can see what we are doing in pictures, stay tuned for that. If you were following our facebook page then you would know that last week we were facing some internal error which led to our facebook page being off the grid for a few hours. That problem however has been solved within a matter of time and necessary steps were taken to ensure that this kind of things would never happen again. With that said, we will have to put that in the history books and move forward. With that we have launched an all new facebook page called "The Technology Of Today International". This new facebook page will replace the old one [] on February 10 which is also our 1st anniversary. The new facebook page [] is now live so go ahead and like it at The Technology Of Today International or click the link above at the header bar labeled Facebook Page. Make sure to like it before February 9 because we will be putting the old page off the grid by the 10th and with liking our page you will know insights to some breaking news or some featured articles slated for the future. 

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