Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BlackBerry 10 What Does It Mean, My Thoughts On The New Platform

Today we feasted on the BlackBerry 10 and overall the launch event was very successful. Starting of with what i think on this launch. One thing which i think BlackBerry did right was changing their name from RIM to BlackBerry. This is key because they are now known as one brand and face it if you ask a normal consumer who is Research In Motion, they don't know a soul about it. So changing their name to BlackBerry was a pretty good move for them. 

Then came the unveiling of the first two BB10 devices namely the Z10 & Q10 in which one is touch and the other one is the classic qwerty type. The Z10 is an interesting device as it was extensively leaked in the past month and i basically saw the full review of the device by TheVerge while Thorsten Heins was still demoing the phone. The Q10 in the other hand was demoed on stage briefly but the media and press were not allowed to have a hands on with the device so basically they were just filming the BlackBerry team holding the device. Additionally we learnt not that much about the Q10 all we know is that its a qwerty phone with a touchscreen and running BB10 thats all. Another thing which i felt about the Z10 is that at first when Thorsten Heins was talking about it on the event live i thought that this might just work. 

Until I saw the full review by TheVerge, it changed my mind by a bit and a few hours ago image comparisons of the Z10 went online and the results is that the 8MP camera on it is amongst the weakest in the flagship smartphone category. But overall i felt very intrigued with the OS which has no home button and all you have to do to navigate the OS is a swipe up and you are done. I was also impressed with BBM which can now do video call to other BBM users and also for the first time natively on a mobile device you could share your screen. This feature may not be a big impact for us consumers but for enterprise users it sure will help. One thing which i like about BB10 is it has a built in microHDMI port which is pretty useful in times and also present on the device is a microSD card which can be pretty useful in times. 

In the OS itself what i like about it is BlackBerry Flow which demonstrates true multitasking with programs running on the fly even though you minimize it. Probably the thing i like about BB10 most is the keyboard which i am pretty stoked to try because the videos i watched about BB10 was praised in the keyboard being very good in predicting words. Overall this is a very big step for RIM and like the saying goes its not too late to start over. I'm not so sure what the consumer response on BB10 will be only time will tell. As Thorstein Heins said this is just the starting and they still have a long way to go. Stay tuned for more editorials on BB10 in the coming days.
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