Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CES 2013 Recap [Ep 002]

Today, CES the year's biggest trade show has officially started and there are quite a lot of news today. First up is from Razer and they pleased their fans by announcing a gaming tablet which is also the most powerful tablet ever to live and they call it EDGE. Comparing the gaming gear which Nvidia and Razer revealed in this week i have to give it to Nvidia because Project Shield is really an amazing device and has a higher WOW factor than the EDGE from Razer. Next in news is that both LG and Samsung has unveiled curved OLED TV's and both of the TV sets look pretty similar. In a big news Panasonic debuted a 20" 4K windows 8 tablet which itself is in a whole new category. Corsair also went ahead and unveiled their Obsidian 900D which is their new flagship case which is just ginormous. Alongside that Corsair also announced new gaming peripherals like the K95 keyboard and M65 mouse. Asus also went ahead and showcased a new X79 motherboard which is pretty beastly. Finally, today CNET also conducted their live torture testing which was da bomb of day 1 in CES 2013. Stay tuned tomorrow as Samsung is having a keynote early in the morning in which they are going to debut their brand overhaul. 
The Razer EDGE' Is Just Too Pricey
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