Saturday, January 5, 2013

CES 2013: What To Expect

CES is just a few days away, so let us go ahead and do a list of things we are expecting to see in the next few days. we'll start up first with the phones which are bound to show up at CES next week.
With the mobile smartphone industry booming in 2012, manufacturers are always trying to find a way to compete with each other. This time around Samsung, Nokia, Motorola is not expected to release anything smartphone related at CES. One of the most exciting devices being debuted at CES this year is the Xperia Z and ZL which will become Sony's 2013 flagship device. The flagship will pack a 5" full HD display, a 13MP camera capable of HDR, a quad core processor, and 2GB of RAM. Not to mention the Xperia Z/ZL will also be water resistant. The next big phone is the Huawei phablet with a 6.1" screen and the usual array of quad core processor. ZTE is also set to unveil the Grand S which is aiming to be the world's thinnest smartphone around. It will too sport a 5" full HD display paired with a quad core processor. Finally, we might even see the LG Optimus G II debut at CES. The word around, the G II will have a 5.5" full HD screen and will pack the latest snapdragon S4 prime processor.
Lurking away from the smartphone news, Samsung is expected to reveal an all new tv design. Samsung will also unveil a bevy of new home appliances at the trade show. LG is also planning to reveal a whole set of connected home appliances. In the misc section Nvidia is set to unveil the Tegra 4 tomorrow and there are also some talk that they will also unveil their very first desktop SoC. Finally other than smartphones the next boom in devices will be Windows 8 powered devices like laptops and hybrids. We are sure to see a lot of that action.

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