Saturday, January 12, 2013

Windows Phone 8 Failed Hacking Caused A UEFI BIOS Error Message, Something You Will Never See On Any Other Mobile OS

With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft is bringing a lot of new and nifty features to the table and one very special thing about the WP8 OS is that it shares the same kernel as the Windows desktop OS which means apps can be easily ported vice versa. Well here is a story which is pretty funny, apparently two WP8 users (one with a HTC 8X and another with a Lumia 920) have found out that WP8 has a UEFI BIOS error message which has been on windows for a long time. After some investigation and the essence of time, it is found that these messages will not pop out randomly out of the blue because the two users which identified the problem admitted that they tried to hack the device and failed.

Source: WMPoweruser  
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