Friday, January 25, 2013

Top Smartphone Of 2012

We are nearing the end of the first month of 2013, and as promised we are bringing you the top smartphones of 2012. So without further ado lets get started with it. 2012 was a total change for the mobile era in the post PC era. Last year we were there to witness that fall and growth of companies like Nokia, Apple, HTC, Samsung, etc. But overall last year companies pumped out quite a lot of very intuitive and powerful devices for consumers.
 #1 in the list is the Samsung Galaxy S III, although the Galaxy S III was not the best selling device of 2012 but it did take the crown for being the best selling android powered device of all time. The reason why Samsung was successful in selling millions of this device is because they really built a very good device from the ground up despite the ranters which say it is built with cheap parts. Overall it proves that if you have the perfect formula you too can have a world class best selling phone. 
Coming up next is the iPhone 5 which is really the best iPhone Apple has ever made period. The iPhone 5 shows boundaries which Apple is yet to conquer and with this new iPhone they finally increased the screen size. Apple was also very successful in the iPhone 5 because they preserved the iPhone style there; meaning that i asked a few iPhone 5 users which previously owned iPhones and they said that the iPhone 5 is exactly like an iPhone. That is where apple was most successful. The iPhone 5 overall is a pretty good device and it really is one of the best mainstream phones out there. 
The next in the list is the HTC One X which at the time of launching, the first quad core powered phone. Although HTC did not quite sell much of this phone to create records but they did create a phone which has a very good feel in the hand. The One X overall has one of the best built quality among android phones last year. Putting things back to perspective, the HTC One X still made our cut because of its camera and overall build quality which is seemingly above average. 
Coming in next is the Optimus G which is by LG's record a very successful device indeed. The device even became the baseline for the 4th google phone dubbed the Nexus 4. This device is also the first device to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor in which that time was a very beast of a CPU. The Optimus G's design is truly amazing with the shimmering little dots on the back which gives that premium feel to it. Not to mention it also has a very good 13MP camera and that gorgeous screen which LG touts quite a lot a the launch. Overall i can say that LG has built a very solid and good phone but the software is still not close to what Samsung is giving users. 
In the next run is the king of the phablets, the Galaxy Note II which has been a very successful. This device really defined what a phone and tablet was bridging the gap between the two and bringing productivity to something which fits right into your pocket. The Galaxy Note lineup also redefined the screen max screen size of phones which are seemingly getting bigger and also having big phones are also quite a trend in asian countries. The reviews for the Note II is also seemingly good and overall, i would still recommend this device to buy if you want a powerful and productive device and you dont care about the screen. 
Coming in right after the kind of phablets is the Nokia Lumia 920 which is in my eyes the best looking device out there now. The Lumia 920 was launched in late 2012 and brought to the table quite a number of new innovations like optical image stabilization on mobile phones, a supersensitive screen, and etc. The Lumia 920 was also the first device to start the trend of wireless charging which is now on quite a number of device. This is also the pioneer of the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem and the sales of it are pretty good with retailers not having stock. But despite all of the good comments the Lumia 920 it still is very bulky and heavy to some people that is why i did not place it in the third position. 
Coming in the last is the Asus PadFone 2 which is a pioneer in the new hybrid category. Not to mention the PadFone 2 is actually a pretty beastly device with specs similar to the Optimus G and the Nexus 4. The design and specs of the PadFone 2 is really majestic with every thing thought of like how you dock the phone to the tablet dock. This closes up the top smartphone of 2012 list. I would like to say out also why the Nexus 4 did not make the cut, it is because the Nexus 4 is basically the Optimus G fully unlocked and supported by Google. 2012 has been an exciting and fun year for the mobile industry. Catch our top smartphones of 2013 next year at around this time also. So until then thank you and bye bye.

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