Friday, December 7, 2012

iPhone: Is It The Phone For You ?

The iPhone has redefined the smartphone today but although it is not the most loved phone there are some reasons behind why there are still a lot of die hard iPhone fans out there. First up let me go talk about the background of the iPhone. The original development of the iPhone started in 2004 and it took about 30 months before the phone goes in to production, the estimated development cost of the whole project is around USD 150 million. At that time Nokia and Motorola phones were pretty popular, Motorola with their Razr branded keypad and flip phones and Nokia with their signature QWERY keypad phones and symbian powered one. Fast forward to early 2007, Steve Jobs finally unveiled the Apple iPhone and at that time it was exclusive to AT&T. Then in mid 2008 the iPhone 3G was unveiled and it was having a full plastic back to increase network signals, fast forward a year later and the iPhone 3GS was unveiled and is not that much different than the 3G. Another year passed and the iPhone 4 was announced and in the same year Samsung also debuted their Galaxy S smartphone which is also their first android powered device. The iPhone 4 redefined the design of a smartphone and like Steve Jobs said, it really is a piece of art. A few months down the road Apple announced that they have sold over 100 million iPhones in about three years. Another year passed on and on October 4 2011 the iPhone 4S was announced at Apple HQ and if you ever noticed that Steve Jobs died the day after the iPhone 4S was announced. Finally we move to 2012 and on September the iPhone 5 was revealed and it is arguably the best iPhone ever. 

The iPhone has always been selling like hotcakes everywhere and up until today it has become a household name. Take for example if you as a child what they want they will say an iPhone or an iPad, they won't be saying they want a Galaxy S III or HTC One X. The iPhone has really had an impact of the society and the way we live. Whilst people in this age will think that Android devices are the better than the iPhone because android is easier to use and more customizable. I would agree to that because in a playground we need more competitors to keep innovation going because competition is good. With the competition heating up the iPhone still manages to sell better than any other phone but that might change because the Galaxy S lineup of devices from Samsung are proving to be as popular than the iPhone. Although over the years iPhone sales have been breaking quarterly records but among the 6 iPhone versions out there not even one managed to sell over 100 million in its entire lifeline. To add notes, the Nokia 1100 is the world's most best selling phone, selling over 250 million units in its lifetime. 

So with all of my back story said i return to my main question in this article, is the iPhone the phone for you. To be honest it all comes down to the user itself because with the smartphone revolution around us now everyone has the right to choose. Most of us are now caught up in the placebo effect in which everything is just the mind playing tricks with us and the people around affecting decisions. Yes the iPhone is the best phone in terms of build quality and compared to the Samsung Galaxy S lineup the the Galaxy S is proven no match. However one thing which makes people dont want about the iPhone is that with its latest iOS version it is really lacking the innovative features which android offers. In the hardware side also Apple sometimes are a bit late to the game but they always get the job done. Take LTE for example, it took them 2 years to implement it to the iPhone and in next year's iPhone they are sure to implement NFC and wireless charging to the iPhone because as i said competition is good. With that said all i can say is that the iPhone is the most mainstream phone and if you want a simple and easy to use phone the iPhone is yours. Not to get the wrong idea the iPhone is actually overall one of the best phones out there. 

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