Sunday, April 21, 2013

Google Chrome Is The Best Browser In The World

Today i'm going to talk about Google Chrome and chances are that you are using this browser to read this article. We are currently in the era in which smartphones are growing rapidly and Android is still overpowering the world. Well just so happen that Google has a lot of successful products and android and Google Chrome are one of them. Ever since i started using the computer a few years back i've been using Chrome, well in the start when Chrome was still not that popular i was using the ever so trusty preinstalled internet explorer by Microsoft. But ever since i switched to Chrome i never stopped using it but there was like one period of time which i was using Opera Next to test it out but that didn't last long. But all in all there are a lot of reasons why Chrome is the best browser out there. First up is that Chrome does not quite lag in even the most oldest hardware which is a very big plus. Also Chrome was one of the first browsers to integrate Adobe Flash player into the browser itself so no need to install it separately and even update is separately. Throttling down to the old days where IE was used by the masses Google introduced chrome with the tabs being the one highlighted and not the window it is on. Similar to Android Google also enables you to customize your browser to your preference but it is limited to a few things but if you compare to other browsers the customization of chrome is really phenomenal. Additionally Google Chrome is not only a browser but it also acts somehow like a Browser+ because with the Chrome Web Store you are able to download applications, themes and extensions which widens the horizons of your browser making it so that you don't need to leave your browser to like say open the calculator. I'll cover the Chrome Web Store in another article which will include some of the top picks for extensions to add to your browser. The thing which i really like about Chrome is how much it integrates with your Gmail account. There is something called Chrome Sync which you can sign in to your Google account and save all the settings in your browser and even save the autofills and passwords. So if you migrate to a newer PC or go to someone else's PC all you need to do is sign in to your Gmail and you'll feel yourself at home because all of the settings will be preloaded. Finally is an addition, well which browser do you know has a Task Manager of itself; well Google equipped Chrome with one. Well this is the end of the article and i hope to see you in the next one.
task manager for google chrome
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