Monday, April 29, 2013

Samsung Ativ First Hands On, The Only Windows Phone 8 Device With A Physical Windows Key

Yesterday while i was at the Samsung shop trying to get my hands on with the Galaxy S4, i stumbled upon the Samsung Ativ S which just went on sale in my country earlier this month. So if you read my article last yesterday you would have known that while waiting for my turn to play the Galaxy S4 i was taking pictures as well as playing with the Samsung Ativ S. When i saw the device on the opposite of the tablet i actually thought it was an S3 but when i looked closely i only realised that it was the Ativ S so i took out my camera and took a few shots. Overall there was not much for me to play on the device as unlike Nokia or HTC there is nothing special in the Ativ S. I was consistently scrolling through the app drawer and the homescreen in search of something to use. One thing i was not used to was the physical home button because i was pretty much used to the standard Windows Phone 8 hardware which only included capacitive buttons. Finally the device i can say really looks like the S3 and as usual to all Windows Phone 8 devices the UI is consistent and fluidity is present too. To check out more of the photos i've taken click here.
Pretty much the only Windows Phone 8 device to date which has a physical home button
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