Monday, April 1, 2013

Google 2013 April Fool's Jokes, Video Round Up

It just felt like it was yesterday when google tried to fool the whole world into having 8 bit maps and today we are back again to April Fool's day. This year google did not fail to impress as they introduced a bevy of new concepts for today only. First up is the introduction of the Treasure Mode in the web version of When you are on the map there is a button on the very right top corner to toggle the mode which transforms the normal maps into a old pirate styled one. The next big announcement by Google is that they are apparently closing down YouTube and in the 8 years of its existence it was actually a global contest to find the best video ever created. After today, they will use 10 years to choose from all of the YouTube videos and in 2023 they will reopen with a winner at hand. Well that is something which users might fall on. Next is the introduction of the latest feature of Google Search which is called Google Nose Beta and judging by the name you can already decipher that it is for searching smells. Seemingly after is something which does not sound to be an April Fool's joke which is Gmail Blue, basically they're saying that blue is the golden color for email. After that its Google Fiber Poles which are literally like poles which give free internet access at gigabit speed from a utility pole. Closing to the end is the Levity Algorithm is more concentric to the enterprise level, corporate heads can now get their staffs to come to meetings or being more engaged to their work with the levity button which changes the elements of contents to make a smile from the other side. These are about all of the fool's Google tried to pull this year, watch the videos below.

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