Friday, April 19, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Is The Best Smartphones In The World

Samsung Galaxy Android Phone
About 3 years ago Samsung announced their first ever Samsung Galaxy phone which was the original Galaxy S and that time android was still not at the masses and Samsung was still proudly showcasing their Wave lineup of phones. Turning back time to the present date, Samsung has built up its name with the rapidly increasing popularity of the Samsung Galaxy lineup. Recently they also sold more phones compared to Nokia for the first time ever and they still hold the top spot for selling the most smartphones ever. Additionally they hold the crown in the android community being one of the only android manufacturers to be even successful. 
press image for the black Galaxy S4
Reaching to this day in present it was pretty tough for Samsung as they had to do some extensive battling with Apple. The success of Samsung Galaxy devices are basically due to the high amount of advertising they put on their products as well as some keywords which they introduced along the way. Putting advertising at the frontier, Samsung also never fail with their Galaxy lineup of android devices which has some killer features. But time after time we all still complain about the quality of Samsung devices which has been the same ever since they announced the first Galaxy smartphone. Take the Galaxy S III for instance it sold more than 40 million units in about a year and the features it comes in is really solid. To be frank the features which Samsung puts into their Galaxy devices are really one of a kind and these features will come first to high end devices and will soon throttle down to lower class devices which is a big plus for Samsung. So here are some reasons why i think Samsung's Galaxy lineup of devices are the best. First as notably mentioned is the features which is comes with. Smart Stay, Smart Rotate, Smart Scroll, S Translator are just a few of the examples of what Samsung innovated with their software. These features might sound a little gimmicky but in real life they do work and in my experiences they work really good. Next up is also related to the software and for me TouchWiz is really the most refined android manufacturer skin. I know that there is a small piece of the android community which still prefer the stock android look and feel but the problem with the stock android experience is that somehow it has a dark and gloomy interface but opposed to Samsung's launcher, which gives a more vibrant and bright look to your phone which i believe most people prefer. Another thing which is truly like about Samsung Galaxy smartphones is the physical home button which in this era is beginning to diminish. For me a physical home button is better than both capacitive and even on screen keys. The thing is that in times your phone is bound to lag or completely freeze and the presence of a physical home button gives you the tactile feeling that capacitive buttons can't give. Alongside the software enhancements Samsung also brought in some hardware enhancements to the table on their Galaxy smartphones. Take for instance the S Pen which is equivalent to a stylus which can do a lot more. Another addition which i would like to add specifically is multi window which is really a very good feature. It basically enables you to run two app at once. That is a pretty solid feature as time passes the screen size of devices increase and multi window allows you to harness that extra space. Also choosing to buy a Galaxy smartphone you are not locked down to one price point and evidently you can get a Galaxy smartphone in every price point. These are some of the points which i would like to point out and additionally if you're planning to buy a Galaxy smartphone remember to ask around your friends or family about the device because chances are they are already using one. 

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