Sunday, April 28, 2013

My First Hands On With The Samsung Galaxy S4

This weekend was the global launch of the Galaxy S4 and pretty surprisingly the device came to my country on the first wave, i was actually expecting it to come on the second week. But nonetheless, today i had my first hands on look at the device. After weeks of reading and watching Youtube videos about the device i finally had my hands on of the device an my overall word in this first hands on is that i am really disappointed with the device. Well there is quite a story to this encounter, so without further ado. I went out to the shopping mall in the evening to both buy some groceries and ate dinner and most importantly taking my first hands on look with the device.
After eating dinner i rushed to the nearest electronics store; i did not first choose to go the the official Samsung shop because in the past i went there first and it was crowded to the roof. So i went to three electronic shops which had Samsung tables showcasing Galaxy devices but they all did not have the S4 there. So then i quickly went to the official Samsung shop and from a distant i saw a big crowd outside the store and i knew they wanted to test out the Galaxy S4. Upon reaching there i found out that there were only 2 Galaxy S4's and everybody was crowding on that table just to take a look at the device. So i waited along with the people and handily let everybody try out the device first as i am going to take quite some time due to taking photos. While waiting i notice on the opposite of the table there was a device which looked like the Galaxy S4 but it wasn't it was the Ativ S, i actually very excited to have seen the device because it was only recently announced in my country and prior to the launch of the S4 i was looking up and down for it. In the next article i will be talking about my thoughts of the device so stay tuned. Jumping back to the story i waited for about 15 mins and in that time i took pictures of the Ativ S for about 5 mins. In that other 10 minutes i stared into the thin air waiting was looking at people using the two Galaxy S4's and one of the user was using the device beside of me and as usual while waiting i'm listening to what they talk. So while the user was using the device i did pop in to tell about the new features as the user was pretty clueless about the new features and just frantically tapping the screen; pretty weird is that all of the salesperson was on the other tables and were not here to attend the customers. Time passed pretty fast and it was my turn to play with the device, so first i started scrolling thorough the device and then i took out my camera to take all of the pictures of the key aspects of the device. While taking photos of the device i noticed a small square box on the side of the screen, so i decided to click it and it turns out to be something like the assistive touch on the iPhone. So i asked the salesperson what does that box do and he replied 'its like the iPhone touch thing', i gave him the stun face. After completing the picture taking process which took about 10 minutes i played the device for about another 10 minutes and there were quite a lot of people waiting to play with the device at that time, and at one point the user using the second Galaxy S4 in the shop asked me about the new features of the device so i was holding up the device and started talking about the device and also simultaneously everybody began crowding around me as i was doing a short speech about the device. Then after that short speech i continued playing with the device and all of the sudden the device started freezing and lagging i was really quite angry at that time that the device was lagging and i even wanted to make a short video but i did not bring my tripod stand along so i shun the thought away. After that as i was going to leave i took a few more photos comparing the Galaxy S III with the S4. I jumped into the conversation of the person which was asking the salesperson about the S4 and said a mouthful and after that the person said 'how come you know so much one ?' the i replied 'i write a blog about tech news' then he sarcastically replied 'i know la you are a spy from other companies surveying the device'. Continuing to taking my last shots comparing the S3 with the S4 i finally understand TheVerge's review of the S4 in which they said about the plastic. While i was holding both device in my hand while my other hand was holding the camera, i took quite a number of shots because the devices were hot and they kept on slipping of my hand and the hot slippery plastic did not feel good at all. Overall this first look at the device has been pretty bad, i also came to know that the device also went out of stock and a new stock will only come in 2 weeks time. That was pretty dire to hear. I will try again 1 month from now to have another look at the device, maybe at that time things will turn out better. Here are some images of the Galaxy S4 i took but to see all the images click here.
The Dual Camera mode is really the best feature on the S4
One handed operation on the Galaxy S4 for me is no problem
Pretty surprisingly the stock keyboard on the Galaxy S4 feels very nice to type on
A hands on with the Galaxy S4 (left) wouldn't be complete without comparing it with its predecessor, the Galaxy S III (right)
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