Monday, April 8, 2013

Knockoff Devices, Are They Worth Every Penny They Cost ?

In the past few years smartphones are increasingly becoming more and more popular. It all started with the iPhone which till today is one of the most popular smartphones, then in 2011 Samsung got into the game and introduced their second Galaxy S device and it turned out to be one of their most best selling device to date. So the story starts up with iPhone's being very popular in the days and it was also a very premium device which does not come cheap. So the people over at China which are famous at making knockoff devices decided to make a knockoff iPhone which is running android and the look and feel of the knockoff device really felt the same. Then as the popularity of android devices from HTC and Samsung knockoff devices for their flagship devices also popped out. So the big question is 'is knockoff devices worth every penny they cost ?' Well If i were to give a definite answer i would say yes because knockoff devices are basically the same as the real thing physically that is but in the hardware side it might be a little underpowered but that's fair enough for the price that it is on. I recently came across a knockoff Galaxy Note II which came with a flip cover. At first glance without opening the flip cover it looks really like a Note II but until you open the cover to see the screen then i immediately see the difference. The specs of the device somehow feels mindboggling because for approx 170USD it has a quad core processor, 2GB of RAM and a HD display.
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