Friday, April 12, 2013

Facebook Messenger For Android Updated To Support Chat Heads, Installation Of Facebook Home Is Not Needed

Last thursday Facebook announced the Facebook Home launcher as well as the HTC First. Fast forward one week and we are on the day in which Facebook is releasing the new launcher to the Play Store which will be compatible with 5 devices first. Currently the launcher is still not at the Play Store yet but by the time you are reading this it will most probably be there for your downloading pleasure provided you have one of the 5 supported devices. Going back to the main point which is that Facebook has released updates for the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app for android which adds support for the Facebook Home launcher. Additionally, the Facebook Messenger app for android is updated to now have the chat heads without the launcher. I've already tried it and i have to day the performance of it is really very smooth even in games. An added bonus is that Facebook Messenger also supports SMS/MMS so you can not only send facebook messages with the chat heads but you also can send SMS's provided you turn on the feature in the app itself. Tip: to pop out a chat head simply go the facebook messenger app and long press a contact you want to pop out and click 'pop out chat head', its that simple. Another thing is when you want to throw the chat head you just have to fling it down and it'll be gone. Also i had a fun time playing with the chat heads flinging them left and right. 
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