Friday, April 19, 2013

The Verge Is Your One Stop Place For News

DISCLAIMER: This article is not by any stretch and advertisement article, solely personal thoughts
The Verge best tech news site
Earlier this week i wrote and article about the history behind the formation of this blog and this article will continue the story of how i digest the daily news.
In my daily rounds i go to various websites but the site which i go to time after time is If not mistaken i found theverge when i was googling about an article and soon after that i fell in love with the design of the page and the content being pumped out is also very good. Previously i was following CNET, but what made me change my #1 news source is the content. To me TheVerge is really a never ending road of very good content. The thing i like about TheVerge is the very top section of their main homepage which houses a few big thumbnails which have been give some filter service. Additionally the reviews which they pump out are very detailed and non bias by any stretch. Also every now and then they have some exclusive content like the Google Glass one which was published about 2 months ago. But what i really look up to from theverge is actually their video segments and their pictures which look magnificent. One of my favorite video segment is '90 seconds on the verge' which is aired every weekday on their website. Also continuing gaining my attention is Top Shelf and the Vergecast. The response of the readers are there are also very phenomenal and the forum is just awesome!. The thing which i always tend to do is watch their livestreams of events which are always the best. Like most news sites they pump out quite an amount of articles and these articles may sometimes be long but another thing which i like about TheVerge is their quotes which goes straight to the point. Again i am praising them for the design of their things are really unparalleled compared to other big site like techcrunch, engadget, cnet, etc. All an all i would like just say that TheVerge is the best place for you to consume nearly any news but if you want a site which does tons of news you can always resort to Try reading any one of their articles and i'm sure you'll feel what i feel. when launched when it launched in November 1 2011 (
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