Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day, Enjoy Nature To Its Fullest Today

43th Earth Day
Today is a day in which everybody from all parts of the world come together to celebrate a momentus day which is Earth Day. Actually last week i kept this date on tab but seemingly today it slipped off my mind but with the help of the trusty Google Doodles i was reminded that today was Earth Day. To keep track, this year is the 43rd year which 192 countries around the world celebrate Earth Day. Unlike Earth Hour which lasts one hour and its main purpose is to save energy, Earth Day is meant to be a day where people all around the world hold out events or talks in the vast nature and enjoying it. In the same context, a few weeks ago via our Facebook page i announced a new segment called Eco Tech and i actually wanted to make the debut article be pushed out today but due to some technical difficulties while researching the topic i was unable to do say. Finally i would like to wish everybody out there a Happy Earth Day and enjoy the best of Nature today. 
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