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This Is My Dream, AMD CEO

Well here is something which is first in this blog. This article is entitled 'This is my dream, AMD CEO', this is written not by me nor the CEO of AMD this is just as the tile suggest a dream. This article is pretty well written and it is a truly amazing one. So far on after this paragraph is not written by me but is written by one of my friend. If you would also like to us to publish your article which can be anything related to technology do send us an email at Enjoy the article... =)

Article By Avinaash G.K.

I took a deep breath and offered my hand knowing the difficulties and strategies that i'll face when i was offered the position of Chief Executive Officer at AMD, the pioneer of GPU's and a top notch manufacturer of CPU's. I was offered this highly respected position by the previous CEO of the company. Knowing the previous titan of a GPU, it will be a lot of work to produce a GPU which even better than the current flagship model which is the HD 7970. The card is capable of running the latest games such as Crysis 3 in highest settings. 

In my mind i have already have a prototype card in my mind and it will be the next gen flagship card under the 8000 series. In my eyes this card will have 1.5X better overall performance than the previous gen and the card' performance will also be able to scale up to resolutions up to 2560 X 1600. This prototype card will have 1536 more stream processors than the previous gen flagship and it'll all total up to 3584 stream processors in total. 

Additionally the card will also feature 512 Z stencils compared to the 128 Z stencils on the previous gen card. Another improvement of this next gen supercard is that the ROP count will be increased to 256ROPs compared to only 48 on the previous gen card. The next big improvement of the new flagship 8000 series card is the increased number count of power phases which is 36 power phases on the new one opposed to only 16 in the last gen card. This will just make overclocking for enthusiasts go even far. With these specs this new card will surely blow everything out of the water when it is launched. 

With this new position i'm holding, my new rival will be Nvidia which is still leading the way in making graphic cards. Sure, Nvidia has the GTX Titan which is still the world's fastest single GPU card out there now but AMD still hold's the title of the World's fastest graphics card which is the recently announced HD 7990. With this momentum in mind i wanted to show the world that AMD is still not done and 'we are going to release the kraken'. This will be AMD's solution of the GTX Titan but the Kraken will much more powerful. The specs include 4879 V2 SPU's and each of the SPU's have 2.5 sub cores which are each programmable, in this new card i also integrated a new type of memory called XDR which dynamically increases the density of each RAM module which can be stacked upon each other. 

The frame buffer of the Kraken can be up to 10GB with the new XDR implemented and the memory is clocked in at 2.4GHz and the bandwith is at 700GB/s. That was impressive enough but i continued making the Kraken even more powerful by incorporating the industry's first 16nm manufacturing process. With a smaller die size the GPU will be able to operate at lower temperatures, i also added a new cooling solution called WhiperFans! which are 14cm full height fans with a sickle design and there is only 0.2cm gap between each fan and the card has a total of 6 fans. 

Actually, it has 7 fans, the additional fan is 24cm in length and it attached to a radiator and yes the Kraken supports water cooling. Continuing down the road, the Kraken is having a clock speed of 1.5GHz out of the box and when needed it will automatically overclock itself to 1.9GHz.

After releasing the Kraken, i've got to release a supercomputer processor which i would name GTR since i like the Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34. This chip is planned to be released next year and this will answer a reviewer's question 'Nvidia took the Titan from the Tesl, now that you've trumped them without the use of supercomputer chips, will you still release a supercomputer chip ?' The answer is yes and this prototype is now in the labs being tested and it sports 64cores in the X64 architecture, 2MB of L2 cache and a whopping 35MB of L3 cache and it will be an industry first. The usage of 100MB of XDR cache unbuffered RAM on a supercomputer is a question. 

When asked i will answer 'XDR RAM cache will help tremendously because of an expected pingless CPU bandwidth, which means almost no ping'. Next up, i continued developing the AMD RAM which in the next generation will features the XDR stacked modules. The new memory will be capable of being overvolted to as high as 2.0V and the frequency can go up to 6.4GHz. These new RAM modules with the help of XDR will be the highest density at 32GB per dimm. Continuing the realm i rethought the gaming CPU lineup which has always been outhroned by what intel is offering. The third gen gaming CPU's from AMD will continue to pioneer 8 cores and is codnamed Ampera. For the first time ever the processor will be superclocked to the limit and can reach up to 8.7GHz on all 8 cores while still being under the temperature package. 

The margin of difference between the Ampera and the i7 Extreme processors are very big this time around. The TDP of the flagship Ampera processor will be at an astounding 170W and will continue to fit in the AM3+ sockets. Accompanying the flagship Ampera processor is a much more power friendly processor which is the Black Edition and it will have a 100W TDP, significantly lesser than the flagship chip. 'The reason why i made to almost identical Ampers chips is because some people like myself just want more RAW processing power and just don't care about the power consumption'.

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