Sunday, April 14, 2013

The iPad Is The Best Tablet In The World, Why? Find Out Here

Approximately 3 years ago nobody even knew what a tablet was and the majority of the people were using their phones, computes, gameboys, PSP's, etc. Well today the majority of people living in the face of earth knows what a tablet is unless in this past 3 years you have been living under a rock like patrick. Today i'm going to talk about why i think the iPad is the best tablet in the world period. First up is that without the introduction of the iPad by Steve Jobs in 2010, the average tablet we know and love might not be so or maybe the tablet category even ceased to exist. Additionally, the iPad was not the first tablet in the world, there were many tablets long before the iPad was introduced in 2010. Moving back to the story, when Steve Jobs announced the iPad in 2010, it was really a revolutionary product. The first gen product sold pretty well an its successors continue the glory by selling even well time after time. Also in the same year at IFA, Samsung introduced their first ever tablet which was powered by android and was called the Galaxy Tab. Although in the past 3 years companies have tried making tablets as successful like the iPad by these tablets never came close to the iPad. Notable companies like Samsung and Asus has pushed out tablets which are really innovative. Up until recently only Samsung introduced the iPad mini which is what apple calls 'every inch an iPad'. Last year the tablet wars started flaming up with Google announcing two Nexus tablets which are very powerful and has a very reasonable price. So what does this mean for Apple ? For that answer you'll have to tune in to another article which is coming in the near future. 
So here are some of the top reasons why i think the iPad is the best tablet in the world. The top of the list is the ecosystem and apps; the digital world we live in today is revolving around apps and content and that is what iTunes is all about and it does it like no other. As Apple touted in the iPad mini announcement last October, there is 275,000 apps in the App Store made just for the iPad and these apps are not just scaled up phone apps. That point is really valid because i have used a Galaxy Tab before and the apps are really just not optimized well; Especially something like the instagram app which blows the image up until you see some tearing. The next point which i'm going to point out is that if you're buying an iPad, you're buying an Apple product and if you're buying and Apple product you are buying yourself in to the world of trust and premiumness. Also Apple products are made to last and it's pretty rare that you hear people nagging that their iPad is lagging unless the software is buggy etc. My next point is also related to apps, this point is somewhat an iOS thing but i'll still sound it out; the thing is that developers tend to develop apps for iOS first then only android this trend is still continuing for some developers even though that Android is more popular than iOS now. Examples of this are, Temple Run which only came to android 8 months after being on iOS. Another scene is with Instagram which launched in late October and up until last April that it was launched on Android. Additionally the biggest concern of users in this age is that iOS is boring and static icons is not the way to go, that has proven true in the smartphone world but in the tablet that point is still not thrown on the table just yet. 
The thing is that people complain that iOS is not customizable and that point is not that valid in the tablet world because having widgets on a tablet is not a good idea (for smaller tablets yes) because widgets on android tablets seems to be small and not optimized also when you change to portrait mode the orientation of the widgets follow on and feels a bit disorientated. In the end having static rows of icons on a tablet is actually a good idea. One additional thought is that the multitasking on the iPad is really like no other tablets (excluding windows 8 that is), the app switching gestures and closing app gestures are just very convenient. Well you can say that android has a multitasking button but that uses an extra step. The next resolution is that the iPad is really more easier to use (if you exclude playing with the settings), its as simple as clicking an app an using it. Personally i think that the iPad is really the best tablet in the world period. I am an owner of the first gen iPad  and a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and i've used both of it and really the iPad is unbeatable in most aspects. One of the best things about the iPad is that i use it a few hours a day and i only charge it once a week or at most twice, mind to note that i'm using the first gen iPad. But with the Galaxy Tab its a totally different story as the battery is something like an android phone but a tad bit better. Also my 1st gen iPad is running iOS 5.1 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Android 4.0; notably the Galaxy Tab has a better spec but still the iPad gets through with some light stuttering every now and then and the Galaxy Tab is like any other android tablet. Another thing which i really like about the iPad is the physical home button its serves as some tactile feedback unlike most tablets today having capacitive keys and even on screen keys. This is all i can say but to sum things up, the iPad is my choice for a tablet period. 
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