Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Does An iPhone 5 Look After A 2 Months ?

Apple announced the iPhone 5 in early September and soon after that it was available for purchase. One of the biggest hardware problems which some users faced is that their brand new iPhone 5 is scratched out of the box. That problem did not end there numerous users reported that their iPhone 5 is easily scratched especially the sides. This problem can be easily solved with a cheap case. So what if a user opted not to use a case on their iPhone 5 and how will it look like 2 months down the line. Gizmodo has posted some comparison images of how a 2 month old iPhone 5 looks like with and without a case. You can take a look at the images below of the iPhone 5 without the case. You can see more images here at the Gizmodo site.
"It Does Not Take A Rocket Scientist To Find Out That Aluminum Is Easily Scratched"
Source: Gizmodo 
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