Friday, November 23, 2012

Microsoft Surface Connected To 8 USB Device, The Power Of Windows 8

The Microsoft Surface is the most popular Windows 8 tablet and it is a worthy competitor with the iPad and the Nexus 10. One feature of the Surface which differentiate it from the competition is the presence of a full size USB port. The full size USB port paired up with Windows 8 RT enables the Surface RT to connect to a variety of USB devices like printers, mice, keyboard and many more. Here is a video showing a user connecting 7 USB device to a powered USB hub and the Surface tablet recognizes all of it. Here is a list of devices connected.

  • 1 XBOX 360 USB controller 
  • 1 Nokia X3-02 Smartphone 
  • 1 Apple IPod 
  • 1 USB Flash Drive 2 GB 
  • 1 Mouse Logitech receiver 
  • 1 HP Multifunction printer 
  • 1 Hard Disk of 2 TB Capacity
Source: Microsoft News
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