Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Q3 2012 Worldwide Mobile OS Market Share, Android Dominates With All Time High Market Share

The Q3 2012 worldwide mobile OS market shares are out and coming up in first place is none other than Android with a 72.4% market share, that is a 20% market share increase since last year. iOS comes in at second place but their market share dropped compared to last year. RIM and Symbian are continuing to drop their market share and Bada alongside Windows Phone are continuing to go up. The analytics also concluded that the overall phone sales dropped by a bit and the smartphone sales are continuing to grow at a substantial momentum.  In the manufacturer sales side, Samsung claims the first position by having a 22.9% market share and shipping over 100,000 devices. Nokia dropped their 1st place and became second with a 19.2% market share. Apple is in third and HTC is in the far low of the list and their market share dropped compared to last year. The Q4 findings should be a shake up and anything can happen as there are many exciting new device launching in the holiday season.
Source: Phonearena 
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