Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Intel Broadwell Processors Might Be The First Generation To Come In The BGA Package, Upgrading Options Killed

Following the notice released earlier today, we have not abandoned computer hardware forever; so here it goes. The joy of felt by a computer enthusiasts is not using a high end computer but building one. When building a custom computer one of the key components is the processor which is often one of the most expensive part in the whole system. 
The two main CPU makers are intel and AMD, intel is mostly known for better processing power and mainstream usage; and AMD is known to make the best processors with integrated graphics namely their APU lineup. Intel however is doing better at selling processors and majority of PCs sold are using intel processors. Upgrading a component in a system is always a way to increase the life span of your system and thus wasting less money on buying a completely new one. RAM is normally upgraded and the CPU is next and the thing which makes CPU and RAM easily upgraded is the fact that it is not stuck in you motherboard but connects through a socket.
According to a report, intel's Broadwell architecture chips in 2014 will onlt be offered in the ball grid array (BGA) package and that means your processor and motherboard will come as a piece and thus killing future upgrade options. If this news is to believed then Haswell processors will be the last desktop class chips coming in the LGA package. This could be good news or turn out to be bad news but either way things are going to change. Broadwell chips are also going to sport integrated memory controllers, graphics cores and much more. This will also include the wildcat point I/O controlles and thus various thermal design power envelopes will be available. 

Source: Tweaktown 
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