Friday, November 30, 2012

iTunes 11 Unleashed, A Whole New Cleaner And More Beautiful Interface

At WWDC this year besides unveiling Mountain Lion and iOS 6 Apple also announced iTunes 11 which will come this fall. The time has come and iTunes 11 can now be downloaded from the Apple website or via the Apple Software update program. Overall after using iTunes 11 for a brief while i found out that it has undergo some major visual changes and everything now is more cleaner and simpler. Gone is the right side bar which is now replaced by a tab on the left hand corner. The iTunes store also undergoed some visual changes and now has that touch of the iOS 6 app store with big cards.  
Also the new software brings something called the mini player which can be toggled from the button on the upper left hand corner. It basically makes it into a small player which can browse songs and access the airplay functionality. Overall the experience is very good watch the video below by Senior Editor Jason Parker from CNET. 

Video Credit: CNET (YouTube)
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