Thursday, November 22, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumor Roundup [Episode 1]


The rumor roundup series has always been our most popular series and the first rumor roundup was on the Galaxy S III and the most recent one is on the iPhone 5. This time around we are making a bigger deal out of it. as you can see in the screenshot below we have created a tab on the bar on the header about Galaxy S IV news. That page will be constantly updated with news and rumor roundup episodes. Also feel free to pass by our social networks as we will be posting breaking news there. 

Rumor Roundup Episode 1

we will be starting off with some preliminary rumors on the Galaxy S IV. The design of the S4 is still not yet defined and i'm pretty sure that Samsung will not use the nature theme. Currently the S4 is rumored to sport a 5" 1080P screen to rival the Droid DNA and the future Sony flagships. We can co-confirm this statement as next year is the year of 5" 1080P screens since all the big OEMs like Sharp and LG have developed 5" 1080P screens and is ready for implementation on to devices. Samsung however is expected to use back their pride and joy AMOLED panels instead of using the conventional IPS display. Under the hood the S4 is expected to sport a quad core Cortex A15 Exynos chip which is potentially clocked at 2GHz. There is also a report which came a few days back where Samsung is going to showcase an 8 core mobile CPU at CES 2013. Additionally the S4 is also expected to feature 2GB of RAM but you never know, Samsung might pull a fast one and equip the flagship device with over 2GB of RAM. The next thing is that the S4 is sure to feature wireless charging as it will be one of the common feature of 2013 flagship smartphones. The Lumia 920 as well as the Nexus 4 already has it so the S4 is bound to feature it. The camera on the S4 is surely going to be a bump from the 8MP sensor which Samsung used in 2 generation of Galaxy S devices. The rumored magic number is 13MP and will be made by Sony, this sensor was supposedly used on the Galaxy Note II but due to time constraints Samsung kept with the 8MP sensor. So this is about it for episode 1 of the rumor roundup, there is bound to be more news popping out in the next episode. Oh yea before i forget this is not a weekly series but rest assure there will be a new episode every two weeks or lesser because there are not much news on it in the mean time and when we are nearing CES or MWC we will do a few episodes weekly.  
"As Always, The Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Be One Of The Most Powerful Device When It Is Launched"
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