Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Microsoft Launches The Scroogled Campaign To Raise Awareness About The Bad Things Of Google Search, They Never Stop Trying

Microsoft is at it again with their campaigns and this time it is a campaign called scroogled. As the name is you might have found out that it has something to to with google, and yes it does. This holiday campaign will reveal the bad things google are doing. Click here to see the site. 
You see, Google recently pulled down its “product search service” and replaced it with a “paid listing ads” service. Search for “Canon EOS” in Google Shopping and you receive pages that look like the old days, with “results” down the middle and ads mixed in. But the “results” are also ads. Every product offer within the shopping search results on that page paid to be there, and where and how high they appear is at least in part dependent on how much they paid. Meanwhile, at least one of biggest online retailers refused to pay Google’s new fee, so you won’t see any of their product offers and great holiday deals in shopping results.
Source: Microsoft News & TheVerge
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