Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[REVIEW] AdBlock Plus For Android, A Solid 7/10

The ad block plus app has finally landed on android and this is our full review of the app. First up you can download the app from the Google Play Store, the app is free and yes there is no ads in the app. This app however will only block ads via wifi for non rooted devices, but for rooted device the app will block ads over wifi and 3G. Other than that the app does everything the developers states there at the app page. Here below is some examples of what adblock can do for you when browsing the web on your phone. 
So far i have been using the app for the past afternoon and there are some places where i am really frustrated with. First up is that the app is still not yet stable and in my time of use it crashed 3 times. Another thing is that it was unable to block the ads of some of my apps but when dealing with ad blocking on the browser it worked like a charm. The third thing i feel a bit uneasy with is the icon which stays on the notification bar, don't get me wrong on this its just that i like to have my taskbar as clean as possible and if the icon stays on the notification bar it often means it is draining battery in the background. These were just the problems which i am facing but other than that the app works very well in blocking the ads for coming in. 
Finally i reached the verdict and gave this app a 7/10 score as being a very good performing app but there is still room for improvements. Read the whole scores below, this is also a 4 star app.
"The Best Ad Blocking App Ever On Android And Windows"
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