Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nokia Launches New Mapping Platform Called 'Here', Coming To Multiple Platforms

Yesterday at an event in San Francisco Nokia announced that they will be expanding their existing mapping service and the new service will be called here. This new mapping service will include a street view like experience on their mapping platform. Other features of this new mapping service include syncing with your Nokia account to provide a more personalized experience. There is also a tab called Map Creator where users can take the raw maps and add certain places to be submitted and finally integrated into the maps. Nokia is going to expand this service beyond WP and bring it to iOS, Android and even Firefox OS. Currently the official iOS app for this is submitted and it is still pending approval from Apple. The Android SDK however is ready for OEMs to use to integrate into their devices. You can also try the new maps service at, to my use of this maps i find it a bit more smoother than Google Maps and the locations on Here are more detailed in some places. 

Source: Pocketnow, TheVerge & Nokia
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