Friday, November 2, 2012

Air Patriots Game For iOS & Android, Amazon Game Studios First Game

Air Patriots is the first game from Amazon's own game studio. This game is currently available at the Play Store,  iOS App Store and the Amazoin App Store. This game is a tower defense game which uses fighter jets to defend the base and you have an array of fighter jets to choose. you can control them by moving them with your fingers to where the enemy tanks are. Just imagine a tower defense game and the flight control game combined and you have air patriots. There are 7 worlds in this game where there are a few levels in a world. Finally there is also a survival mode which you can play to your hearts content. We will be bringing you a full video and written review in a week's time. In the mean time you can download the game to try it out yourself.

Download links:

Source: Amazon App Store, Google Play Store  
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